Dyslexia is well known to disrupt workflow for people in any setting. Adults may find their work disrupted by their Dyslexia condition but it is possible to continue on in life with the right approach. Watch a video that discusses how to overcome Dyslexia itself. That could be vital information for many in work settings.
UNISON is an organization that wants to help people faced with Dyslexia. The group understands the position of adults with Dyslexia. Their work and job position could be put at risk without help. Learn from a representative that works for UNISON to address that problem. 
Author “If you potentially feel that you are dyslexic, it all comes down to the cost of an assessment.”

Key Takeaways:

Dyslexia has affected the lives of many students in the classroom. But other people will want to consider how Dyslexia can change work too. Employees have already commented on their experiences as people with Dyslexia.
UNISON is a group that is dedicated to raising awareness based on Dyslexia. Donna is a representative and will help people build a reputation unlike any other out there. UNISON members can find out more by following a simple link.
Dyslexia awareness is an ongoing effort in many communities. Contribute to that effort and keep everyone in the loop along the way. Find a way to support UNISON and learn from their representatives whenever possible.

Life and Work with Dyslexia

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