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Children with Dyslexia have Troubles with Following Instructions

Submitted by Judy Hanning on Mon, 2011-01-24 04:50


The obstacles of children with dyslexia does not start and end with the difficulties of spelling and reading problems, they also have the trouble of following instructions.

"One situation she mentioned was a classic example of a Dyslexic child misunderstanding instructions.  The child’s teacher wanted the grade one students to draw a picture of themselves. Our mother’s son drew a picture of the student sitting beside him. The teacher was upset with him and said he didn’t listen to her instructions to draw a picture of himself. The boy said the teacher had told them to “draw what they see” in reference to a self-portrait. Dyslexics are very literal and he followed her instructions “literally”. She was  confused by his answer – he said he “drew what he could see” which was the boy next to him; he obviously couldn’t draw himself because he couldn’t “see himself”."

"Many people think Dyslexia is about backwards letters, spelling and reading problems. Dyslexia is also about a different learning and thinking style. These students tend to be very literal in their speech, when they are listening to people talking to them and when they read instructions. We asked one seven year old we assessed to copy over a dotted letter and he started to trace the dots but not tracing the letter. He “literally” did what we asked.  Then we made our directions more clear and showed him what we wanted."

A dyslexic child thinks differently from that of a normal person but that doesn't mean they they do not understand. They just know how to take things from a different perspective.

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