Judy Hanning / Aug 14, 2017
Do you ever wonder what kids with dyslexia go through? This video will give you an inside look of a child’s daily struggle.Watch
Judy Hanning / Aug 13, 2017
The impact on working memory stays with an adult for life, unless addressed through targeted interventions.Watch
Judy Hanning / Aug 7, 2017
It is possible to live with Dyslexia or even Dyspraxia. These people face challenges, but overcome them with unique solutions along the way.Watch
Judy Hanning / Aug 7, 2017
Preter Freney has given his support to the local clinic in the area. Patients are diagnosed and receive support for various reasons as needed by the clinic.Watch
Judy Hanning / Aug 7, 2017
People with Dyslexia have voiced their opinion and want to spread awareness. Most of all, they want to point out that those with Dyslexia are not stupid.Watch
Judy Hanning / Aug 7, 2017
Life with Dyslexia can be a significant undertaking for many. People will want to take note and adjust their routine at work if possible.Watch
Judy Hanning / Jul 30, 2017
Do you know a child that has dyslexia? Are they having trouble learning to read? Teaching a child how to read with dyslexia can be difficult and in some cases down right challenging. Watch this video to learn how to teach a child with dyslexia to read!Watch
Judy Hanning / Jul 30, 2017
You need to follow a quick interview with parents. Their children may have been affected.Watch
Judy Hanning / Jul 21, 2017
Dyslexic students can make use of tech tools. View a short video that explains how they work.Watch
Judy Hanning / Jul 20, 2017
You can benefit from Dyslexia on the whole. That adversity may build character in life. If you make the choice to let it.Watch