Autistic Spectrum Disorder, most commonly known as autism, is a genetic disorder that can severely impact the diagnosed both physically and mentally. It can severely limit a person’s ability to comprehend and retain information, and interact and communicate with those around them. It is estimated that one in every 110 children is born with autism, with boys being up to four times more likely to be diagnosed, and that number is growing at a substantial rate, there is no known cure for autism, as the disorder is genetic in nature. Autism not only affects the diagnosed, but it also affects the family and friends around them. Providing care for a person with autism can be extremely time consuming and demanding. It is estimated that collectively, autism has cost the world over 60 billion dollars, with each case costing approximately 3.2 million dollars. Behavioral analysis can help bring to light the specific weaknesses an autistic child may have, thus allowing more effective care to be provided.

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