Attention Deficit Disorder ADD/ADHD


Judy Hanning / Feb 5, 2018
No two mental conditions affect people the same. Find out how ADHD and bipolar disorder differ.Read more
Judy Hanning / Feb 4, 2018
Did you know the best occupational fields for those with ADHD are creative, working with people, and freelancing? Find out more facts here!Read more
Hannah Roberts / Jan 30, 2018
Do you think ADHD is a real disease? Is it caused by chemical imbalances in the brain, or by a social environment? Scientists disagree.Read more
Judy Hanning / Jan 29, 2018
From your behavior to your neurotransmitters, long-term Adderall use has negative effects on your brain.Read more
Judy Hanning / Jan 24, 2018
ADHD is a point of contention for doctors and scientists -- not just what causes it, but how to treat it.Read more
Judy Hanning / Jan 17, 2018
ADHD students learn differently. Here are 5 key categories to help them succeed.Read more
Hannah Roberts / Jan 16, 2018
Living in the world of ADHD can be chaotic and create tons of anxiety. Could having a more organized, structured home ease the confusion and chaos?Read more
Hannah Roberts / Jan 15, 2018
New studies have shown that exercise could be a valid alternative to medicine for treating ADHD.Read more
Hannah Roberts / Nov 25, 2017
ADHD drugs may have some pretty serious side effects. Are you aware of them?Read more
Judy Hanning / Nov 16, 2017
ADHD and depression can have similar symptoms. Do you know the difference? Find out in this infographic.Read more
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