Learning Your Kids
Judy Hanning / Nov 15, 2019
Understanding your kids and having them talk about their thoughts and feelings can help your kids.Read more
Handling Homework For Kids
Judy Hanning / Nov 14, 2019
Asking kids how their day is can be a good way to connect with them and make them like homework more.Read more
A New Way To Map
Judy Hanning / Nov 13, 2019
Homework can be overwhelming at times, so one of the encouraged things is to get clear about how much time they have.Read more
Structure And Homework
Judy Hanning / Nov 12, 2019
Making sure to create a schedule and routine and making structure is good for kids and their homework habits.Read more
Giving Positive Reinforcement For Homework
Judy Hanning / Oct 30, 2019
Giving kids positive reinforcement is a good idea to encourage kids to do good at their homework.Read more
Ways To Help Kids With Homework
Judy Hanning / Oct 29, 2019
There are different techniques for helping dyslexic kids excel in school and positive reinforcement is good.Read more
The Homework Routines
Judy Hanning / Oct 28, 2019
Making a before homework checklist is a great way to help kids out with their school work.Read more
Timers And Study Spaces
Judy Hanning / Oct 27, 2019
Having a study space for your kids is a really good way to stop the homework battle.Read more
How Students View School
Judy Hanning / Oct 26, 2019
An attitude assessment of your kids is a great way to help them with their homework and learning.Read more
Helping Kids Make Homework Fun
Judy Hanning / Oct 24, 2019
Being interested in your kids homework is a great way to understand where they are at in class.Read more