Phil Weaver / Nov 19, 2020
When a parents emotions get out of hand this GPS emotional reset exercise will do the trick. Learn it in this video.Read more
Phil Weaver / Nov 19, 2020
Parenting out of fear can lead to anxious kids.Read more
Phil Weaver / Nov 19, 2020
We often play the blame game. We can learn a better way. Learn more in this video.Read more
Phil Weaver / Nov 18, 2020
When children have big emotions look to the heart for answersRead more
Phil Weaver / Nov 12, 2020
Children's emotions have two parts. Helping them understand these parts will help them manage strong emotions. Learn more in this video.Read more
root / Oct 30, 2020
Have your child's emotions ever run out of control? Did their emotions seem overly intense? Maybe it happened in public and it really felt like your child was trying to embarrass you. This new documentary explores big emotions. Why children have them. How parents can help children through them. How parents can teach children to be emotionally intelligent. And simple things parents can do to improve behavior. Parents will learn to tap into their own inner wisdom to find the answers. And in so doing, will positively impact generations to come. Watch the documentary tonight.Read more
Liz Weaver / Oct 14, 2020
Is your child struggling in school? Tried everything with no results These three simple at-home tests can point you in the right direction.Read more
Expectations Affect Children's Learning - Melanie Musson
James / Jul 16, 2020
Commending a child's learning progress verbally helps with motivation.Read more
Regulate Screen time for Children
James / Jul 13, 2020
Kids today are exposed to many types of electronics. As parents, we need to instill into their young minds effective ways of using these technologies.Read more
Manage Overly Emotional Child
James / Jul 13, 2020
Parenting alone takes a lot of patience and understanding. Parenting an emotional child asks for double, triple effort. These children need at least a pair of ears that listens with an open mind and a compassionate heart. Learn to better be those ears in this video.Read more