Stop the Homework Battle
James / Jul 13, 2020
Establishing a homework routine for children is essential. It helps them to be organized, ready, and goal-oriented learners. This will help you raise independent children and save you some time too!Read more
Lessen Homework Battles
James / Jul 13, 2020
Homework battles can waste a lot of time. Use these easy tips to eliminate homework battles and save yourself some time (and some grief)Read more
4 Benefits of Educating at home
James / Jul 13, 2020
Educating at home can be overwhelming, especially for busy parents. Being skeptical about being a good educator it is understandable. There is much to learn from the the non-traditional education system. And now is the time to learn it.Read more
Motivate your Children for Homework
James / Jul 13, 2020
Homework reinforces children's information-gathering capacity and develops independent learning. Creating better and effective strategies to motivate them is useful for their advancement. Learn more by watching this video.Read more
Protect your Child from Online Predators
James / Jul 1, 2020
With the pandemic children are more exposed to digital platforms. Monitoring them is essential. Not only to protect them, but also to make sure they are getting correct and relevant information for their age. Learn how in this video.Read more
S.M.A.R.T Goal
James / Jul 1, 2020
Many times, confidence stems from success, but how do we set up our children to succeed, especially over the summer? Find out in this video.Read more
Strategies for an engaging setup
James / Jul 1, 2020
It can be frustrating trying to create an ideal homeschool setting. Feelings of not being equipped or having the proper resources may arise. Fear not, the answers are here.Read more
utilize smartphones usage effectively
James / Jul 1, 2020
The rapid development of online applications and games can occupy too much of children's time. It's also alarming how easily children can become addicted. We can't deny the usefulness of smartphones but it's best to use them in a healthy manner,Read more
Emotionally Connected to Ourselves
James / Jun 29, 2020
Parenting is never an easy role to play. It requires being in tune with our senses and the ability to function soundly. At some point, parents may lose this soundness and it may require tapping again into our inner wisdom and intuition.Read more
Establishing a Homework Checklist
James / Jun 27, 2020
Being efficient at homework makes for better learning, a happier home, and huge time savings. Learn these tips now.Read more