Phil:    Right. Yeah. Okay. Very good. I do hear in the the entrepreneurial world, a lot of, entrepreneurs, successful entrepreneurs claiming that their ADHD is the source of their success in a way.

Merriam:    Well, yeah. The thing about people with Adhd and autism also is their ability to hyperfocus yes. When and when they're interested in something, then they can just lock onto that and do it for hours on end. And so a lot of parents will say, my child can have attention deficit disorder. You know, he or she can sit at a lego table for hours on end or play video games for hours on end. There's no attention deficit there at all, but they're just misunderstanding that it's the attention required when something is boring. That's where the deficit is.

Phil:   Okay. So if they have a passion, then they'll have incredible attention.

Merriam:    Yeah.


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The thing about people with Adhd and autism also is their ability to hyperfocus

ADHD And Entrepreneurs

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