Do you live your life forwards? Or do you live your life backwards? Often when you have a difficulty like ADHD people tend to think that you are the exact opposite of what your life should be. Those with ADHD often feel backwards. There is an intolerance for boredom when you have ADHD especially in adults, did you know that?

That’s why I know that the best way to regulate time is to use a timer.
~Douglas Cootey

For some, having ADHD can be like living your life backwards.

After waking up with the feeling of being backwards when you should be feeling refreshed, this man likes to jump start his day. To do this he reads the news but not just until the end but until he has had enough, it leaves an almost satiable taste. To learn more about how to fill the time that is more constructional and less of a bad habit, read more here.

Key Takeaways:

Having ADHD can be like living your life backwards, waking up exhausted and getting energized at the end of the day.
Regulating timing, especially your downtime, can be very helpful for managing ADHD.
It’s possible to slip back into bad behaviors, but you can take the opportunity to commit to new behaviors to help your ADHD.