Do you know someone that has ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder? What do you know about the medications that they are prescribed to help control ADHD? If you are like most people you immediately think about children and while you know that there is medication, you might not know much about it.

The mind controls the personality and when someone takes drugs they have a mind altering experience. The mind that normally controls reality is mostly switched off so the drug can take over and the brain can experience reality in a different way.

The Use of ADHD medications in the workplace.

What would you say to adults in the workplace using these medications? Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Don’t let it alarm you. It seems that workers are turning to prescription drugs like Dexamphetamine and Ritalin, which is used to treat ADHD in order to combat longer working hours in the office. To learn more about this study and how it is affecting workers in the workplace, read more in this article here.

Key Takeaways:

Workers turn to prescription drugs to combat long working hours and hectic schedules.
These drugs can cause a mind altering experience.
These drugs are also addictive and unhealthy.