Some say that ADHD is a genetic mutation. Others argue that it is caused by environmental factors. What is the truth?

There is uncertainty regarding genetic causes for ADHD

Is ADHD Genetic? is a discussion about genetics and ADHD. The subject is widely debated across the world. A 2010 study showed that kids with this diagnosis were more prone to a specific anomaly. Yet, others argue there were significant issues with the study. Either way, ADHD is prevalent in society.

There are currently no genetic markers or tests approved for diagnosing those with ADHD. That is why there is a current debate about the source of ADHD. If there was a marker one might assume that it would be present in twins who share the same DNA. However, this is not always the case.

There is no definite root cause for ADD/ADHD

Genetics are what makes us who we are. It defines what health worries we should focus on, how we learn, and to some capacity—our personalities. It can also be the reason why some children develop or are born with learning disabilities. But that may not always be the case.

For researchers, behavior is not a scientific way to decipher genetics. However, there is no gauge or test to find if that factors into our mental health or not.

Due to the lack of rigorous testing standards, ADHD is considered one of the most over-diagnosed conditions of the modern day.

Diagnosing ADHD requires more rigorous standards

  • ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed behavior disorder.
  • It is also the most commonly misdiagnosed disorder.

Key Takeaways:

Even though it is commonly accepted by most physicians, ADHD has no proven link to genetics.
Genetics may prove to be a risk factor for ADHD, but is most likely not a cause.
ADHD is a subjective diagnosis based largely on behavior.

Many psychiatrist who diagnose children with ADHD are doing it merely on a subjective basis.

They will diagnose kids with this disorder without observing the children. They take the symptoms that a parent is listing to diagnose the child with ADHD. This is a subjective way to make a decision that can greatly impact a child's development.

The definite cause for ADHD is still unknown. Part of the problem is that there is no widely accepted genetic marker test for the condition. This means the only tests for ADHD are subjective because they are based solely on behavior. On its own, behavior is not a reliable diagnostic test. Due to the lack of rigorous testing standards, ADHD is considered one of the most over-diagnosed conditions of the modern day.

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