Many readers will be impressed by the story of a young woman with ADHD. She did her best to succeed in life and become an inspiration to others like her. That has raised awareness about her condition and people want to follow along with her story. ADHD women have been in the news for various reasons in recent years.

October is ADHD awareness month. The goal is to promote better knowledge about symptoms so people can get diagnosed, and recognize that people can be diagnosed with ADHD at any time.
~Gracie Fleischman

ADHD is not a factor for success in life.

Join her journey as she continues into young adulthood with the ADHD label. That could be an inspiration that people want to follow as they understand her story. Other people with ADHD have made a successful journey just like that one. There is a reason why these young people want their story to be told as well.

Key Takeaways:

In many ways, ADHD remains a struggle in the lives of a lot of students. Their parents are concerned with the lack of progress being made for ADHD students.
Follow the life of one student with ADHD that has a story to tell. She has been an inspiration for many people over the years too.
Her parents have seen the student make progress in nearly every academic field. She has maintained her standing in the school for those interested.

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