Consider this: Pablo is a 7-year-old boy who has difficulty focusing on everyday tasks. He loses toys easily, and even has difficulty dressing himself. Pablo’s focus issues then carry over into his school life, resulting in him interrupting his class and not following the rules. Is Pablo simply a troublemaker and should be punished, or is there something more? These are all symptoms of ADHD, and with a proper diagnosis from a doctor, it's likely that medical treatment and some parenting/education strategies can help him focus and behave.

For Pablo in this example -- explained in the video below -- his parents are able to better prepare themselves with knowledge of his disorder. They can make a schedule to help him stay on task at home, and the entire family can be more patient with him. And knowing he has ADHD and isn't a bad kid, his teacher can allow him to sit towards the front of the classroom, and give him directions in a way he can better understand. With patience and understanding, kids with ADHD can excel just fine.

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"Now that we know what is happening to him, we can help him."

Key Takeaways:

Pablo has trouble focusing on everyday tasks at home.
Pablo can't keep up with his class.
Pablo understands everything better now that he has a diagnosis of ADHD.


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