The most common treatment for ADD and ADHD in western medicine is pharmaceutical drugs. However, because of people's unique, individualized brain chemistries, many typical drugs are not always suited for every person, and could potentially cause more harm than good if improperly prescribed. This video, however, suggests an ancient alternative.

Homeopathy is an ancient remedy that treats each person's specific problem. Rather than making a one-size-fits-all drug, it is tailored for each individual. Of course, drugs are sometimes the only option, even the best one. But alternatives like these do exist, and have sometimes shown to have fast-acting and long-lasting results. Homeopathy is not only effective in many cases, but also natural and non-toxic.


"There are times that pharmaceutical stimulants are the only option, but if you can avoid them by using a natural, effective, long-lasting and non-toxic option, shouldn't you try that first?"

Key Takeaways:

There is an effective alternative to ADHD drugs.
Non-toxic, 200 year old homeopathy can be used to treat ADHD and ADD.
The treatment is natural and can be long-lasting when prescribed by a homeopath.

A Natural Alternative for ADD and ADHD

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