Brain imaging has become a useful tool for researchers in a number of ways. Now they view brain imaging as a way to understand ADHD itself. There is new research coming in that discusses the real causes of ADHD in the brain. Parents will want to review the research and see what else it has in store.

Based on performance on behavioral tests, adolescents with ADHD fit into one of three subgroups, where each group demonstrated distinct impairments in the brain with no common abnormalities between them.

Brain imaging is assisting in ADHD diagnosis.

Expect more research to be completed with brain research in the future. ADHD is a popular topic and people want to follow along with it soon. That could convince anyone that they need to delve into the research literature. ADHD could be caused by several distinct brain disorders as per the research found so far.

Key Takeaways:

New research has found that different ADHD patients have impairments in different parts of the brain, suggesting that the disorder could be caused by different things in different patients.
The research suggests that ADHD contains three distinct subgroups, with very different fMRI patterns for each.
This research suggests that medication and treatment should be targeted to each specific type of ADHD.

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