A successful workplace has to have good communication which in turn will create a calmer atmosphere. Within the Hispanic community, there is a rise in numbers for ADHD partly because of the lack of diagnosis from medical professionals. ADHD makes a difference in the way in which people understand the environment around them.

In order to create an ADHD friendly environment, we should first understand that the qualities and characteristics of ADHD affect the way in which individuals understand the environment around them; this can also be defined as having a unique and different way of looking at the world.
~Jane Sandwood

Food and ADHD are directly related to one another.

Dangers or risks can be commonplace within a food and beverage environment. The workplace should not be too distracting for someone with ADHD. A person with ADHD should work flexible hours and come into work during the times when it’s not as busy if your business works outside of normal hours. Remember to do frequent supervision and checks to make sure that regular communication is provided.

Key Takeaways:

ADHD workers have their own challenges to cope with on the job. They need fewer distractions and limitations when they work in the food industry.
A debate is underway when it comes to creating safe space for ADHD workers. These ADHD workers will be ready to accommodate the needs of people everywhere.
The food industry has grown over the years but could stand to improve in certain ways. Better treatment of ADHD workers is a topic of conversation for many.

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