Have you ever heard about a woman being pregnant and having diabetes? Do you know how they treat diabetes during pregnancy to make sure that a baby is safe? Like most things in life when it comes to the medical world, they use medication to regulate diabetes during pregnancy. But, what if those anti-diabetic medications were linked to conditions in the babies after birth?

Taking diabetes medication during pregnancy may increase the risk of a child later developing ADHD, according to a new study — though some experts in the field of diabetes aren’t yet convinced that there is cause for concern.
~Devon Frye

Medication to treat diabetes during pregnancy may be linked to ADHD.

New research has indicated that anti-diabetic medication taken during pregnancy may cause the rise in ADHD in children after birth. Medication like insulin is often used to treat type II diabetes or gestational diabetes when a woman is pregnant but not everyone is fully convinced yet. To learn more about this new research, check out this article here.

Key Takeaways:

Diabetes Medication During Pregnancy May Be Linked to ADHD.
But, the researchers said, children whose mothers had diabetes and took medicine for it had a statistically significant risk increase of having ADHD.
However, this still needs to be researched and no conclusions can be formed.