First, the most important thing to remember when donating blood is that you are what you eat. In other words, the quality of the blood that you are giving has everything to do about what you are taking for medications along with what you ate the night before. I understand your concern for not wanting to pass along something inherently bad to the person to whom you are giving the blood to but ask the people who screen you for donations if there are any particularly bad for the potential donor. If so then you can talk to your doctor about getting on a different medication that might not have bad side effect.

Those who are taking medication for ADHD should not have a problem donating blood because of it. Mentioned specific medications that the person who answered the question took the advice as well. Rejection Reason: Not an actual article but a question and answer blog post from Tumblr. It is not scientific and has no cited evidence to support these claims.

If donating blood is your thing, and you are very concerned about possible outcomes of taking medications; I would be more concerned with why you wouldn’t want to treat yourself first. A good example would be your very thought, “I think I might have ADHD.” If I were you I would get screened and take care of myself first rather than thinking of others that will come in time. Hope that helps have a good day.

Key Takeaways:

ADHD and blood donation components
Medication use and associated eligibility for blood donation
Call to screen with a blood bank before going to donate with ADHD meds on board

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