Phil:  00:41:26  That answers a lot of questions about some of my students. Okay. Huh. Okay. So, then, as an adult diagnosed or what's the best way to overcome, the emotional trauma from not having a diagnosis until adulthood?

Merriam:  00:41:43  Well, I would send you to a therapist for that one because it's emotional trauma. Its usually best dealt with in the hands of somebody who knows what they're doing. and you know, there really is a certain amount of emotional trauma, although we use the word trauma like very lightly these days. but you know, to a degree you've had a lifetime of thinking that you're a failure when that's really not the case at all. You know, it's just a question of your brain functioning differently from other people's. I often like to use the analogy that everyone around you just seems to know how to naturally speak Chinese and you are being asked to speak Chinese and no one's bothering to teach it to you. And they're getting increasingly frustrated with you that you're not speaking it and you start to feel like, well, I should be able to speak it. Everyone else can. Yeah. so as an adult you've had years and years and years of that feeling. so I would say I go to a therapist to deal with the emotions, but find an ADHD coach, somebody who can really look at, well, you know, what is your particular struggle? Is it time management? or is it forgetfulness? And there are so many tips and tricks that you can work on. And if a coach is too expensive, there's so many books as well. There's a lot of help.


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You've had a lifetime of thinking that you're a failure when that's really not the case at all.

Emotional Trauma and ADD ADHD

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