Depression is a problem faced by millions of people. What starts as one bad day turns into another, then another, and so on. Soon these feelings become a way of life without one even realizing it, until the person finally sees that his or her life has changed for the worse.

 “Sometimes taking the first small step is key to climbing out of the pit of depression.”

Once the onset of depression is identified, concentrating on replacing the feelings of despair and sadness with positive actions and events in one’s life is important. Even small activities one enjoys, or going out with friends and family, can help break the hold depression has on one’s life. While managing depression can be a lifelong struggle, there are ways to cope.
Developing the self awareness to recognize that feeling so much sadness isn’t normal, or healthy, takes practice because we have to unravel our feelings, which seem intensely real, from our observation of our behavior
~Douglas Cootey

Key Takeaways:

Depression can be difficult to recognize.
Depression can be treated by oneself to a limit.
Being active helps ramify depression.

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