ADHD is a condition that many students face in today’s society but it is likely that almost four out of five teachers have no specialized training in dealing with students that have this learning obstacle. How is it that this could be? And what exactly is ADHD? How does it affect the student’s ability to learn?

The chances were, that four out of five teachers who encountered a child with the condition during their school years, would have had no training in ADHD.
~Elaine Edwards

ADHD makes difficult for students to learn, but doesn’t make them unmotivated.

ADHD is another term for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This is actually a treatable condition but the condition itself affects the neurotransmitters and the chemicals in the brain which cause them not to function properly. The symptoms leave teachers believing that the student is just unfocused or unmotivated to learn when that is not the case at all. To learn more, read on in this article.

Key Takeaways:

80% of teachers have no training in ADHD.
This impacts every child in the classroom. Even students with no learning differences are touched by this lack of training.
We must train teachers on learning differences.