Spelling multi-syllable words as a young student can be challenging. Learn how to spell multi-syllable words in a format that works for teaching students young and old. Also includes tips, tricks, and games that keep students entertained while providing a wealth of information in understanding the process of spelling with multi-syllable words.

“Teacher instructions for breaking large syllable words into smaller syllables with help from other partners in class. Thorough with examples.”

The learning tools focus on utilizing syllable pattern cards along with vowel cards students get the opportunity to participate in smaller three person groups to allow for interaction between all students which allows for additional participation between students and classmates to take place and also allows the teacher to work with each group on a case by case basis.

Key Takeaways:

patterns and games can be used to help kids spell multi syllable words.
breaking down a word into each syllable can simplify the spelling process.
working together can make spelling a fun activity.

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