Have you ever thought to yourself that I was born this way? Or maybe you have thought to yourself that this is because I was raised this way? After centuries this is still a question that we all ask ourselves. Is it nature or is it nurture that makes us the way that we are?

The good news is you don’t have to wait 300 years to know that thriving with ADHD is best served with both the calming effect of time spent in nature and by the fulfilling connections and support experienced through nurturing relationships.

Whether ADHD is caused by nature or nurture is controversial.

This is the same way for the question: When it comes to ADHD, is it nature or is it nurture? It also begs the question if we are born with innate learning especially with trends in ADHD and family members. To learn more about nature and nurture with its effects on ADHD, please read this article to learn more!

Key Takeaways:

Whether or not ADHD is due to nature or nurture is a complicated question.
Having both nature and nurture in your life can help with your ADHD.
Here are some ways to surround yourself with both nature and loving and supporting people.