The leap from high school to college is a rather huge one for young people and there are a lot of challenges that lay ahead on that road. The idea of gaining independence is a really invigorating one for young kids to get out and start making changes in their lives. People that have learning challenges have an especially hard time and can often stumble when adjusting to college, or fall flat on their faces. But, understanding the why behind their experience may give them hope.

ADHD shouldn't stop you from success

Without instant gratification or something genuinely exciting waiting in the wings, mundane tasks such as writing a college essay or submitting a job application are hard to begin and even harder to complete.

Key Takeaways:

People with ADHD or LD need to know why they are doing things and tasks to help them get into college and get a job.
Parents need to encourage the kids without doing the work for them and not pushing them into something they aren't ready for.
People with LD and ADHD can be successful if they find their right niche or job/college suited for them.

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