What I enjoy reading about is the success stories of individuals that overcome adversity in different ways. Nothing is more enjoyable then reading a story of someone who has it worse then you and still succeeding; I mean it helps me get out of bed some days.

I don’t believe this article is very sales oriented. It seems like it’s someone who actually has gone through ADHD and wants to help. They have and are going through ADHD and want to help show others some things that allow them to cope with it. I would say that this is a pretty solid source that can be helpful because it’s someone real world who is also going through what they are going through.

A good example of this is seeing pictures of famous people with quotes about their lives and success, such as Muhammad Ali. A boxer who faced down prejudiced and hate from our government. But he still managed to become an icon of power and triumph over adversity. That’s inspiration!

Key Takeaways:

Adult life experiences for those with ADHD
How to survive certain adulthood tasks with ADHD
A blog for adults surviving adulthood with ADHD

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