New statistics have shed light on ADHD diagnoses extended to students. These students need the right kind of teaching methods to learn appropriately. Schools are taking a renewed look at how ADHD is handled in the classroom. Even some parents are showing concern that their students aren’t making progress.

Younger girls in a year group are 31 percent more likely to receive a diagnosis, while such boys are 26 percent more likely to be told they have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), the research adds.

ADHD students need the correct curriculum to succeed.

An effort is underway to get the right treatment for these ADHD students. Parents and teachers will watch to see whether these students have behavioral conditions. ADHD students have often struggled in the past with these issues in school. There are steps that can be taken to remove problem students from the school.

Key Takeaways:

Statistics suggest that younger children may be at greater risk for ADHD. These students have made an effort to overcome the label though.
Parents want to stay informed and wait to learn more about ADHD. That keeps people actively involved with their child’s education.
Parents need to be wary about their child’s progress in school. It could be stalled once they are given the ADHD label.

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