What kind of craze do you remember seeing as a kid? Do you remember the skip its? Or the pogs? Chances are you have seen or heard of some kind of craze in your years but now the latest craze is the fidget spinners found in nearly every classroom across the United States.

“They probably don’t need to be used across the board. So for parents, if your child has a diagnosis of ADHD, if they’re a kid who seems to do better when they’re fidgeting and moving, then absolutely talk to the teacher, talk to the school.”
~Dr. Meghan Walls

Fidget Spinners taking classrooms across the county

Initially, these gadgets were created to help those with ADHD. However now, all children want one whether they need it or not. This is where the parents must step in. While it is helpful to someone that has ADHD it does not mean that every student needs to have one in the classroom.

Key Takeaways:

The fidget spinners are the latest craze and many claims that they keep them calm
Many doctors state that objects have been used for years to keep hyper children focused and are often helpful.
While they may keep some children focused, not all kids need to have them in school.

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