There is much research out there about the way we learn, but it helps most when it's actually applied to our own lives. This video discusses various methods of learning -- some that show success but without science and research to back them, and others that are based in science and research, but haven't been applied in the classroom.

It's important to have a balance between the research and application of methods. Still, teachers can and should use research to help create their curriculums, and craft new activities to help students recall information. Once we understand more of the ins and outs of how people retain what they learn, developers can use these techniques to design technology that enhance students' education. After all, the research is only as useful as the people who apply it to their world.

There is no one size fits all solution, and we have created a variety off approaches to make our different learning systems work together.
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"The key is to try to balance what we know about learning with the new and exciting things technology can provide us."

Key Takeaways:

It's important to applying learning science to the real world and use it the right way.
Study how kids learn and use activities and technology to reinforce these memories.
Scientists are working to discover how we retain information.

Applying Learning Science to the Real World

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