Could gambling help kids learn? While no one is recommending that children gamble with money, scientists have discovered that certain stimuli, particularly competition and the randomness of chance, can affect the learning process in surprisingly significant ways. Neuroscientists are uncovering that games which involve chance -- any element not dependent upon skill -- cause chemical changes in the brain that help students retain information. 

According to the study in this video, when a gave involves chance, the uncertainty of reward helps release dopamine in the brain. That, in turn, makes the brain highly receptive to learning. While boys tend to choose the 50/50 reward system more than girls according to the study, this method is beneficial for all students. This video provides a challenge to teachers and parents to reconsider how they use games to teach their students and children. 

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When there is a random element or the 50/50 chance, the response is much greater. In other words, students learn much more simply by having a game-based, reward-based system.

Key Takeaways:

Uncertainty of reward or the element of 50/50 reward helps release dopamine, which makes the brain highly receptive to learning.
According to the study presented, students can learn more with a random, game-based learning system.
More boys choose the 50/50 reward system.

Neuroscience, gambling, dopamine and boys

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