Prime Minister Narendra Modi mocked his political opponent for having dyslexia. Which is a very distasteful remark especially for ones that suffer from disabilities. The author of the article, Karen continues to say how difficult it is growing up with a disability and not knowing what it was is extremely difficult. You would know what it takes to deal with such a thing unless you deal with it first hand. Till this day she is ashamed to admit and constantly works to be better at it. Therefore the prime minister's statement is horrible due to him not understanding what it's like to have learning difficulties.

What Does It Feel Like Being Different?

I have a flourishing career, a loving family of my own, and I excel in my field. I have become more confident, and I have the gumption to take on anything that is thrown at me--so don’t stop me. But, if you must, stop our political leaders for mocking things they don’t understand.

Key Takeaways:

Learning disability causes shame, embarrassment, and low self-esteem for almost all of your life.
Having a learning disability causes the person to blame themselves.
Having a learning disability makes people thing that you are dumb.

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