The article expresses the difficulties of both learning and teaching math. The author suggests that teaching methods are outdated and not necessarily relevant to today's students. The author also points out that students can struggle with a variety of conditions that may limit their ability to absorb and retain information, such as arithmophobia, number phobia, dyscalculia, and intra parietal suclus (IPS). The author suggests that "math therapy" may be a useful tool for students struggling with these issues.

Students Have Been Learning Math Incorrectly All Along!

Research studies suggest the need to adopt collaborative approaches to promote a positive attitude among students towards Mathematics.

Key Takeaways:

In order for students to learn mathematics, teachers need to present math paroblems in a more visualized manner
Teachers need to take a new approach to teaching mathametics so both the left and right brain are engaged
Math thereap, a new approach to helping students face their math phobias, involves understanding the cause of the anxiety.

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