Dyscalculia is a disorder similar to dyslexia. The difference, it deals with the brain’s ability to process mathematics and problem solving. The research is not as far advanced as dyslexia. Researchers are currently creating processes and theories to outline parameters and diagnosis for the identification of dyscalculia.

Considering how prevalent arithmetic thinking is in our society, it is easy to see that a lack of basic counting skills and solid number concepts could negatively affect the person's quality of life. As students get older, they will need to be able to maintain bank accounts, compare value when purchasing items, calculate tips for services as well as prepare recipes and perform other daily activities.- Amy Vils

Key Takeaways:

Dyscalculia is a neurological disorder that inhibits a person to think mathematically. About 3 to 6% of the population is affected by dyscalculia.
Dyscalculia can be diagnosed through the individual's performance: problems with counting, struggle to remember simple math facts, and difficulties with mental imagery. Dyscalculia screening tools are available, such as the Butterworth Dyscalculia Screener.
Teachers can help a child with dyscalculia by: making school feel safe, motivating, making it known that mistakes are part of learning, and making math lessons fun and simplified with visual tools.


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