Choral counting is a group of people counting out loud while looking at a number line or some other kind of number list. It is very useful for teaching children the ability to count, and it can be done in more ways than one and make them fun too. The most basic way to do it would be to simply count normally, but you could also have students count by 2 or 100 or even counting by fractions or decimals.

Using Choral Counting To Teach Children How To Count In A Fun And Beneficial Way

Not only do these visual representations assist students in learning how to read/write the numerals, it also provides for a great discussion afterwards.

Key Takeaways:

Choral counting is a class counting out loud in unison and the method makes students feel supported, and never singled out.
You can choral count a variety of ways and not just forward by ones.
Having number visually available helps students perform and see patterns emerge.

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