The student's approach to learning is one of the biggest factors that go into how well they succeed in school. A teacher may also see his students in certain ways and that can impact his students as well. Race and gender can sometimes bias the results that students get. There have been differences in all races when they were researched. There are a lot of biases out there that can make learning hard for kids and teachers.

Graded Bias: Working Harder To Be Just As Good

Schools can do a better job of creating policies, practices, and support for teachers that will reduce racial and gender bias and subsequent inequities.

Key Takeaways:

A teacher often overlook students noncognitive skills.
Teachers tend to overemphasis one area over noncognitive skills.
Underachieving, poor black students are not as good as adept, rich Asians in math, science, engineering, and technologies.

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