Some people are able to rewire their brains so that they can become a lot more fluent in math. There are a lot of steps in math and not teaching them the right way can do a lot to get in the way of the natural process of math. Some people learn it in class, but then they forget what it means and the application of it in life. It is important to teach it in a way that they can grasp it deeply.

Despise Math No Longer - Tips on How to Rewire Your Mind to Master Math

This approach—which focused on fluency instead of simple understanding—put me at the top of the class

Key Takeaways:

U.S. teachers' exclusive emphasis on understanding can backfire because kids may think they understand a concept when they don't.
Understanding isn't the critical component to fluency; the exact reverse is true.
Rethinking how we teach math in the United States can help address the shortage of STEM majors in our country.

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