Do you remember the stairs of the school that you went to? Do you remember what they looked like? If you are like most people, then you do not really remember little things like that but the students at Estes Park Elementary School are a little different when it comes to their stairs.

The hope is that the math stairs will inspire teachers and students alike to constantly keep math problems and equations in the forefront of their thinking. By engaging the students’ with these fun colorful stairs, they are more likely to remember the problems and quiz each other on them.
~The Trail-Gazette

A unique approach to equations is the use of stairs.

Why are their stairs something to remember you might ask? Well at the start of this school year, the board of education installed a set of vinyl strips of math equations. On the vinyl strips were equations of multiplication right there on a set of stairs in the third grade wing of the school. To learn more about these stairs, read more in this article.

Key Takeaways:

The Board of Education installed math strips on the stairs in Estes Park Elementary School.
The hope of these math strips are to have students keep their math equations in the front of their mind at all times
This project has launched discussions of adding other small, but powerful innovations to schools to help aid learning.

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