Dysgraphia is an issue where individuals have trouble in writing whereas they are typically intelligent in other areas. Dysgraphia affects handwriting ability and manifests itself into difficulty with spelling. Forming words on paper is extremely challenging for individuals with dysgraphia and if not diagnosed, individuals will fall behind in school.
Symptoms of dysgraphia include having trouble organizing words from left to right in a sentence order and difficulty in reading maps. An individual will also copy text slowly. Fine motor skills such as holding a pen and using scissors are extremely comprised as well. Language processing issues and loss of train of thought are also major symptoms. There is no cure for dysgraphia but with the use of strategies and therapies such as RTI and voice to text dictation, individuals can be successful in school.
Author “Dysgraphia is more than messy hand writing.” That really resonates with me. Because this sounds like a problem that could be easily over-looked and the child isn’t able to get much needed help.”

Key Takeaways:

Dysgraphia is more than messy handwriting.
It affects the person’s ability to spell and write.
Students that have this condition can fall behind in school work because it takes them longer to write.


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