Lessons For Parents With Dyslexic Kids
Dysgraphia is an issue with written expression. Making letterforms by hand is what the problem is for people with dysgraphia. It is not a result of laziness, but a brain-based issue that many people face. There are three different kinds of dysgraphia. There is the dyslexia dysgraphia and the motor dysgraphia. Both are quite different and characterized by different traits. If you see your child struggles with letters and word spacing, then you might want an evaluation done.
Dysgraphia is a condition which causes trouble with written expression.

Key Takeaways:

Letting people with dysgraphia use clay to make letters can be a very helpful activity.
Dysgraphia is an issue with the brain and not caused from laziness.
A person with dysgraphia may have trouble with fine motor skills.

Dysgraphia: Parents who's child has been diagnosed

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