Handwriting is becoming obsolete in today’s computer age, also it’s becoming much less neat. Now, it’s all about the text message. According to a 2013 study, American smartphone owners send an average of 4,735 texts each month. Texters aged 18 to 24 alone send about 67 texts every day. What’s more concerning is how to type has now taken precedence over cursive in some schools. Which is concerning to some as documents such as the constitution of the United States are written in cursive.

With less time spent holding an actual writing utensil, it’s no surprise that your (or your child’s) handwriting might be suffering. Luckily, there’s a way to improve your penmanship in one stroke—and it involves the body parts you already use to write.
~Claire Nowak

Has technology made handwriting disappear?

Most people move only their fingers when they write, essentially drawing each letter. But when you keep your fingers and wrist still and put your whole arm into each stroke, the result is more fluid and legible writing. Making an effort to slow down (again, a lost art in our fast-paced modern world) will also improve the control you have over your penmanship.

Key Takeaways:

The quality of handwriting is always an important issue that needs to be discussed. Young students will learn to handwrite, but it has to at least be legible.
There is a one minute trick that will instantly help students improve their handwriting. Many will be astounded that one stroke can immediately improve handwriting quality over time.
Follow these detailed instructions and learn the steps required for better handwriting quality. That could help students who are struggling with their handwriting in a few ways as well.

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