Aidan's Story
Dyslexia impacts a lot of people and children, in particular, are vulnerable to it. Kids can go their whole lives without knowing that they have a dyslexic issue. For dyslexic kids, processing what they are being told can be a tough task for them, so it is important for all educators to know when they are dealing with kids who are dyslexic. Aidan McKee is one young man who has struggled with dyslexia and talks about the struggle that kids face.
To figure out things you don't really understand what they are talking about.

Key Takeaways:

A lot of people with dyslexia have a hard time processing what others tell them.
There are many creative ways in which people with dyslexia express themselves.
There are many communication issues with parents and children and this is even more pronounced when dyslexia is involved.

My Dyslexia Story Aidan McKee

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