After images and other visual illusions have always posed a problem for people. Research has centered around the ways that the brain copes with these problems. Students with Dyslexia may become the next focus of attention in that area of research. Dyslexia is a significant concern for those that are involved with research efforts.

Humans have three color sensors in the eye: red, green, and blue.
~Chris Lee

Research is essential to dyslexia and learning.

Parents and teachers want to see headway being made in the area of Dyslexia research. That could offer suggestions for what to do with these Dyslexic students. Students can progress through their grade level with the right kind of help. These Dyslexic students could even progress to a higher reading level overall.

Key Takeaways:

There is hope for those with Dyslexia in a modern age. They can do the research and find out what studies are being conducted overall.
Artificial eye dominance may be to blame for any reading difficulties faced by people. Students can provide their own insight when it comes to Dyslexia.
Parents and students want to see advancements being made in an area of research. Studies will focus on artificial eye dominance that has to be evaluated.

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