One of the most common, but lesser known results of dyslexia is a loss of confidence. Many children who suffer from the disorder have severe issues with self-esteem because of their reading difficulties, and it can cause a vicious cycle that further hinders their ability to improve their reading skills. This video discusses specific treatments to help improve students' confidence.

Christine Blance, a Biological Science graduate with a British Dyslexia Diploma, specializes in treatment for dyslexia. Specifically, she focuses on confidence-building, and easy methods for helping symptoms of the disorder. Many children with dyslexia suffer from difficulty in reading, poor spelling, low attention span and memory, and low levels of comprehension. Blance's professional help can treat those issues, and improve confidence, in both children and adults.

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She uses easy methods such as Initial Word Mnemonic Chants and Phonic Flashcards.

Key Takeaways:

Indicators that your child might have dyslexia: difficulty in reading, poor spelling, poor attention span, poor memory, and low levels of comprehension.
Christine Blance offers professional help for dyslexic children and adults.
She is a Biological Science graduate and earned her British Dyslexia Diploma.

Confidence Building With Dyslexics - Acomb 01434 622851

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