Dyslexics challenges go way beyond education. Often a dyslexic will attempt to avoid education. They feel the pain of shame and embarrassment and simply want to escape.

Unfortunately, the problems only start there. They can cascade into everything in life.

Dyslexia has always been associated with learning difficulties in children, but it was recently revealed that the condition could also lead to a range of social and emotional issues.
~Tan Shi Jia

Dyslexia challenges range from social to learning struggles.

Children that have dyslexia do have challenges in education but there are more challenges these children seem to face. Those challenges include a range of social and emotional challenges in addition to their educational challenges. In a recent study, that those children with dyslexia also showed poorer social, emotional and behavioral skills.

Key Takeaways:

Dyslexia not only affects a way of learning but it can also affect a range of social and emotional issues as well.
A recent study showed that students with Dyslexia showed poorer social skills which included anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.
A large portion of dealing with the effects of Dyslexia stem from listening to your child and developing a way for them to cope.

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