Dyslexia was first described as early as around 130 years ago among intellectuals that have helped educators follow Dyslexia as research unveiled new information along the way. Parents want to know and understand the history of Dyslexia as it was written. That could be informative for parents of children with Dyslexia at home as well.
Many schools rely on traditional information when it comes to the Dyslexia learning difference. It pays to take a look back to when Dyslexia was first being discussed. Schools have come a long way and want to discuss ongoing alternatives when it comes to that learning difference. 
He was a very intelligent boy. And in no way inferior to boys of his age, but he had a great difficulty in his inability to learn how to read.

Key Takeaways:

Though it is a recent issue, it is possible that Dyslexia affected people years ago too. Look into Dyslexia as it happened over a hundred years ago for young students.
Around 130 years ago, Dyslexia was first described by an ophthalmologist named Rudolf Berlin in that era. That started new research efforts centered around helping these students make progress.
Dyslexia will affect the ability of students to read at their grade level. They need to work to read appropriately and keep pace with their own peers too.

Dyslexia 130 yrs ago

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