Tech can help people with dyslexia. 1 in 10 people experience some level of dyslexia. One recommended piece of software is called claro read which is a text to speech that will help when people are finding it difficult to keep focus and attention on pieces of academic work. It actually reads out what is on your screen.
There is another software called grammerly that analyses for grammar. It doesn’t just auto correct, instead it will go through the piece and show you the mistake you’ve made and explain it and let’s you learn more. With AbilityNet people seem to be more involved and seems to have their own knowledge base that they share.
Author the thing that sets ability network apart from the other people that I see out there is that they seem to be more involved with the people who are receiving the service.

Key Takeaways:

Many more people than has been estimated have dyslexia.
Computers and other technology can help them learn.
Computers can help by auto correcting dyslexic student’s writing.

Dyslexia and Computing

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