When she was a child growing up with dyslexia, Maggie Aderin-Pocock dreamed of working in the space or science industry. However, the young girl was stuck in remedial classes due to her reading struggles. She felt frustrated, stupid and hated school. More and more, it seems her science dreams were slipping away.
Thankfully, Maggie’s father’s faith in her never wavered. He stressed to his daughter that, not only was she was smart, hard work could help her get into college. Buoyed by his beliefs, she spoke up in science class one day and realiz the extent of her intelligence. Today, she is a rocket scientist.
Aderin-Pocock can pinpoint the day she discovered a talent and passion for science. She was about 10, and the teacher had asked the class to calculate the weight of a cubic centimeter of water.
~Fernette Eide

Key Takeaways:

School used to make Dyslexic Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock feel stupid.
Aderin-Pocock discovered her passion for science and realized that she had a gift.
Her newfound confidence carried her through school and she would go on to become a rocket scientist.

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