Dyslexia is a condition that effects the ability of students to read. Dyslexia makes it difficult for students to pronounce sounds of letter and words. The term Dyslexia covers many different brain patterns which change the way that students learn. There are some resources that help people without Dyslexia understand the difficulty that Dyslexic children face.
Sometimes Dyslexic students struggle with words that others would consider simple. 20% of students struggle to read due to a different way that their brain patterns letters and words. Anything about language can be a challenge for a Dyslexic child but it does not mean that they are behind developmentally.
Author “Dyslexia is not all bad, though. Just as people who lose a sense have their other senses heightened, dyslexic people are proven to have strengths in other areas.”

Key Takeaways:

Reading is difficult for people who have Dyslexia.
There are several approaches to teaching Dyslexic children.
There are also resources that show you what having Dyslexia is like.

Dyslexia In The Classroom

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