There are a lot of people that have dyslexia and having it can be a very disheartening thing. There are four different paths to success for dyslexic people. A lot of people with it do not realize that they cannot go to dyslexia. One of the things that a student has to do with dyslexia is study longer than their peers. What takes an average person two hours to learn will take someone with dyslexia four hours sometimes.

Four Adults With Dyslexia Share Their Paths To Success

Poet Nathan Spoon recalls always loving books and has special memories of sitting on his father’s lap in rural Tennessee, listening to his father read the Bible as he followed along.

Key Takeaways:

The stigma surrounding dyslexia can cause barriers for people who want or need help managing their dyslexia so this needs to be addressed and abolished.
Forming relationships with people who can nurture academic success may be a vital part of coping with and managing dyslexia
Some dyslexics can learn by engaged active listening skills and remember spoken word just as if it was written. So different kinds of technology can be useful for their educational development

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