Though dyslexia is a reading disorder, one of the most frustrating and debilitating effects is the gradual erosion of self-esteem that happens to the children it afflicts. Many children who aren't getting good help for their dyslexia lose their self-confidence to the point where they don't want to socialize with others.

Luckily, the Alison Lawson Centre can help. According to this video, dyslexic children who participated in their programs showed drastic improvement with their self-esteem. In fact, those students are now excited to go to school, happy to play outside with other children, and have the confidence to interact with people. If a child gets the help they need, they will improve their academic ability, self-image, and their social skills and abilities.

Perseverance, grit, the desire to keep going -- it's all built up by small successes, which develop into larger ones.
The learning success system is designed to create small successes. If you're interested in doing this for your child, get the learning success system now.

"The biggest difference is his self-confidence, whereas before he was just like give up even when he didn't try." - Ida, a mother.

Key Takeaways:

The mothers in the video share how dyslexia lowered their children's self-confidence and how they manage to get back on track.
The dyslexic children showed drastic improvement with their self-esteem after attending the special class for dyslexics.
The improvement in dyslexic child's learning achievement positively affects their self-confidence.

Dyslexia erodes self-esteem

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