New Dyslexia glasses are a hot topic among young people. Students have worn the glasses and want to express themselves. One student has worn Dyslexia glasses and has succeeded as a result. He is now a high achiever in his everyday life. Flynn Phelan is well regarded in that respect by his peers.
Note that these new Dyslexia glasses are specially crafted for people. The lenses allow them to attain better vision overall in the classroom. Students like Flynn have made a dramatic improvement. He himself has gone from failing grades to getting all A’s. Flynn now has a bright future and a better life overall as a student.
I actually think it touches the issue superbly Author How he has,excelled academically as well as improved in sports also.I would definitely use this video in explaining dyslexia and these magnificent shades.

Key Takeaways:

Individuals with dyslexia have a difficult time reading.
Dyslexia glasses have helped some dyslexic individuals improve their reading.
Flynn has become a high achieving student across subjects since he started using his dyslexia glasses.

Dyslexia Glasses making Flynn a high achiever

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